Sonata is a unique programme for companies that want to lead and revolutionise their sector.

Sonata presents a suite of innovative packages (Solo, Choir, Orchestra and Concert) run by our team of consultants/composers. Combining financial acumen, psychology and business consultancy our packages will propel your company forward towards a ‘double bottom line’ growth.


Harness your own motivations and emotions

Learn to develop new skills and techniques which will harness and strengthen your own personal goals and utilise them to work towards achieving the goals of the business.

Improve your professional skills to drive business

Develop new business, financial and personal skills in the workplace which will positively enhance your business and have a positive impact on you personally.

Devise new ways of working to benefit you and your company

Refresh your working practices to help make more effective use of your working day and to create a rich and fulfilling work/life balance.

Enhance your business and finance systems

Get to the heart of your business finances and working practices whilst developing new techniques to achieve business growth, reduce the bottom line and achieve financial goals.

Choose the package that suits you