About Sonata

The Sonata programme is brought to you by SBC (the Simon Bloom Consultancy). It was created to help individuals find a pattern and way of working that benefits businesses financially and helps develop the ways in which that company operates.

Sonata is effective with all businesses however it is has been particularly developed for fast paced, venture backed, tech start-ups.

Help you to achieve significant company growth

Reduce business conflicts and enhance work/life balance

Develop communication channels and techniques to reduce workplace strain

Fix company systems which may not be functioning adequately


Simon Bloom Consultancy

SBC has a highly skilled team of accredited professionals with training and education across multiple disciplines including teaching and education, accountancy, law, psychology, and neuroscience. This combination of knowledge allows us to integrate each discipline into our consultancy, helping to make a significant impact within people’s lives.

Our approach

The Four Quadrants is an approach based on the work of Ken Wilber ‘A Theory of Everything’. SBC uses the Four Quadrant approach and looks at four very distinct separate areas that we as human beings need to work on. We believe that, if we get to a level of functionality and mastery in all of these four areas of life, we will by definition be happy and lead a meaningful life.


The 'I' represents an individual's thoughts, emotions and motivations.


The 'IT' section represents the individual's personal skills (for example, how effective they are as an accountant or lawyer).



The 'WE' represents the culture within the business or enterprise.


The 'ITS' represents the overall systems in place for their business and their finances.
  • CEO of Private Property Company

    Many years ago, I landed in a situation where I had significant problems in my life, with multiple issues on a business, emotional and financial level. After two years of working with Simon Bloom I managed to overcome my internal issues embark on a journey of my personal growth and have developed in many areas since that both on a business and financial level.

    CEO of Private Property Company
  • CEO of a family run tech start-up worth 20m after 2 years

    As our key strategic consultant SBC has been integral to the growth, development and stability of our organisation. It has helped the business develop from an embryonic startup to a functioning and commercially operational business.

    CEO of a family run tech start-up worth 20m after 2 years
  • MD of a family run SME

    I have worked with Simon and SBC over the past 3 years and he has helped me develop my business in ways that I had only dreamed of. Simon gets you to think, apply logic, reach decisions and helps implement them too. I would recommend this for anyone who is serious about growth and development.

    MD of a family run SME