What you will achieve


Development of CEO’s and SMT’s emotional intelligence (EQ) and people-management skills

Improved intellectual leadership for CEO and SMT

Happier, less-stressed CEO and SMT with better work-life balance

Enabling CEO and SMT to manage greater workload within existing time constraints


Reduced focus on firefighting in favour of organisational development

Enriched workplace experience for all staff members

Better-quality conflict resolution and improved work-place culture within SMT

Enhanced decision-making for the CEO and SMT and collaborative decision-making at all levels of the organisation


Measurable increase in efficiency and enhanced ‘double bottom line’

Improved organisational resistance to silo-formation

Increased retention of directors and managers

Motivated staff with clear individual and organisational goals

How does Sonata help?

Multiple weekly one-to-one sessions with CEO and other members of SMT

Two group sessions/workshops developing SMT group and individual EQ

Availability outside agreed times for conversations

Full off-line research and business development

Full administrative support for entire team

Report generation (where required)

Semi-monthly site visits


Services delivered by Simon Bloom

£10000 per month

Services delivered by SBC Senior Associate

£5000 per month